Specific Terms & Conditions for Agent (AG)

  1. To join as an AGENT (AG) in WinBDT, need to buy initially BDT 50,000.00 credit as a starter package.

  2. AGENT (AG) will be allowed to create only Player ID as downline.

  3. AG will always buy new credit from his connective Master Agent (MA) and will have the opportunity to sell back credit if needed also to his connective MA under some rules and regulations.

  4. AG will always buy WinBDT credits from his connective MA at a 94% rate. Example: buys BDT1,00,000.00 credit for BDT94,000.00

  5. AG will be able to sell back credits to his connective MA if needed. However when the AGENT (AG) sells credit back to his connective MA, it may affect existing or future Ad-Hoc campaign calculations. Sell back policy from AG to MA will be as follows:
    1. MA will buy back credits at a rate of BDT94/Per BDT100 when the AG’s lifetime credit purchased is still more than lifetime credits sold back to his connective MA.
    2. MA will only buy credits at a rate of BDT100/ Per BDT100 for the difference between AG’s lifetime credit purchased minus lifetime credits sold back to his connective MA, not the full amount.
    3. AGENT (AG) must always have a balance of BDT2,000 with the company as a security deposit. This amount AG will not be allowed to sell back to his connective MA but will be allowed to sell to his downline Player.

  6. AGENT (AG) will Sell credits to his downline Player with the rate of BDT 100.00, Here AG’s Profit will be BDT 6.00

  7. AG will be responsible and only recognised person to payout withdrawal to his own downline players. He will buy back credit from his player with BDT 100.00 during withdrawal.

  8. AG cannot buy or sell less than BDT2,000 credit from and to his connective Master Agent (MA).